Table booking

Who and when


Before you book a table at Ræst we recommend you read the following information:

Our shared table is a communal dining experience for up to 8 guests.

The menu and the service at the shared table is exactly the same as on our private tables.

The experience starts at 18:00. 

We know that many people now choose to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, we hope that you will understand that due to our geographical location in the North Atlantic Ræst does not have access to a broad variety of vegetables for a good part of the year. 

We endeavor to use locally sourcedsustainably produced ingredients and the whole dining experience at Ræst has been created as a uniquely Faroese event. Each dish is carefully designed by our chefs and the tasting menu is curated to produce an extremely varied range of flavoursscents and colours. 

We are a small restaurant with a special culinary range and we hope you will understand that we cannot offer an á la carte menu of any description. 

For this reason, it is not possible for us to offer vegetarian or vegan options. 

Ræst is located in a small old house divided into small rooms. 

Therefore, please note that our biggest table only can host 8 guests. 

When booking a table at Ræst you are required to prepay the tasting menu. 

You will be able to choose your beverages when arriving at the restaurant. 

Be aware, your booking is not complete until you have reached the Confirmation side online and recieved your confirmation by e-mail. 

Please inform us about cancellations and changes in your reservation 48 hours before your dining experience is starting. NO-SHOW or late cancellations will be charged 1.500 DKK per person

An evening at Ræst is primarily for adults, and we do not offer special children´s menu or only a few dishes of the menu.
However, we charge only ½ price for a menu for children which are 12 years old or younger.
We would ask you to have your children seated at your table during the dinner.

Since our restaurant is very small we do not have the opportunity to offer families with babies and toddlers a table in our restaurant.

Please let us know if you would like us to see if we can help you find a local babysitter.

For bookings including children please contact