Table booking

Who and when


Before you book a table at Skeiva Pakkhús we recommend you read the following information:

At Skeiva Pakkhús we endeavor to use locally sourced, sustainably produced ingredients and the whole dining experience has been created as a uniquely Faroese/Italian event. Each dish is carefully designed by our chefs and the tasting menu is curated to produce an extremely varied range of flavours, scents and colours. 

We are a small restaurant with a special culinary range and we hope you will understand that we cannot offer an á la carte menu of any description. 

For this reason, it is not possible for us to offer a vegan option. However, we are able to accommodate a vegetarian menu. Be sure to note your dietary restrictions in your booking information or by sending an email to

If you are a party of 8 guests or more, you are required to inform us what menu you would like to preorder. The menus include a variety of Italian inspired dishes made from Faroese ingredients sourced from the land and sea. The menu reflects the season, as we regularly update the menu.

We serve the dishes in a "family style," meaning that the dishes are ment to be shared amongst all at the table. If you wish to have wine pairing or other drinks alongside the menu, we can easily create a wine or beverage pairing for you that goes with the menu. You are also welcome to view our wine list in advance and decide for yourselves what you would like to drink with your menu.

For groups of 12 guests or more, prepayment for the Skeiva menu is required in advance. Refunds due to cancellations will be possible up to 48 hours prior to your booking at Skeiva Pakkhús.

If you have 40 or more guests, it is necessary to rent the venue. Please send an email to for inquiries and more information.